Privacy Policy Kids Apps

Privacy Policy for our Kids Applications

This Privacy Policy describes the information collected by Yeayyy Sdn Bhd through our kid mobile applications which as of today is only our Educational Apps.

We don’t collect any personal data with our kid applications. We don’t require you to provide any information when using our kid’s apps and we don’t collect, share or use any information about you or your device.

If you submit a support request via e-mail, we may receive your email address and other information you provide related to your support request. We use these information only to provide support to you. We don’t share your email address unless we have your express consent.

Our kids apps don’t use or collect a user’s precise geographic location.

Our kids apps don’t contain any advertising banners, but they may contain information about our other apps with links to those apps.

Our kids applications may contain external links to our page on the App Store or to our Facebook page but it is all kept in the parent section which young kids can’t access .

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, please send us an email to: hazmin at yeayyy dot com